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Our bees are in danger – again. The government could give the go-ahead to seeds treated with bee-killing pesticides being planted next spring. [1] All despite a ban on these dangerous pesticides – called neonicotinoids- which destroy bees’ central nervous system and can be lethal. [2] 

The decision will be made in a matter of weeks. [3] France has already lifted the ban on these dangerous chemicals, we cannot allow our government to follow suit. [4] We have just enough time to prove to the government that we expect them to protect our bees – and keep the ban in place, no exceptions.

There is so much happening in the world right now, the possibility of a return of these bee-killing pesticides has barely made the news. It’s up to us to speak out as loudly as possible, and make sure the government is left in no doubt. We are watching and we expect the ban to stay in place. A huge petition – signed by thousands of us – will do exactly that.

Please can you sign the petition right now to demand the ban on these deadly pesticides stays in place? It takes less than a minute.


Bees play a critical role in our environment, pollinating 75% of the world’s crops. [5] Without them, we would be in deep trouble. Neonicotinoids scramble bees’ memories and cripple their navigation, leaving them lost and confused. At best they cause bees to get lost, lose sleep and become stressed, at worst they are a “death sentence” for our buzzing friends. [6]

We’ve had incredible success protecting our bees in the past. For five years over a million of us came together to call for the ban on bee-killing neonicotinoids – and we won. [7] Now it’s time to come together again and make sure it’s kept in place – no exceptions. Together we can stop bee killing pesticides returning to British fields. 

So Donny, will you add your name and protect our buzzing friends?


Thanks for all that you do, 

Isabel, Cathy, Megan and the 38 Degrees Team 

P.S. The control and use of pesticides is a devolved issue in the UK. [8] Due to the nature of our fragile and connected environment, we believe that we should come together across the UK to demand that the Westminster Government keeps the ban on these dangerous pesticides. So even if you’re in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland – if you care about out buzzing friends, please add your name to the petition! 


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