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The Webley Nemesis Co2 Air Pistol Review and Unboxing

Webley nemesis. Webley nemesis air pistol

Is It Worth the Money?

The Webley Nemesis Co2 Air Pistol Review and Unboxing I took the 0.22 Webley nemesis out for a test and here is the footage

Webley nemesis

The Webley Nemesis CO2 AIR PISTOL is designed to be comfortable, balance and versatile as well as pleasing to the eye. From the gun company that created the air pistol (over one hundred years ago) comes yet another innovative, quality product that makes you more than proud to own a Webley.

Your New Best Friend Is Also Your NEMESIS
  • Fibre optic rear sight
  • Interchangeable left/right-hand bolt handle
  • Ambidextrous grip
  • Internal magazine storage
  • Easily accessible manual safety
  • Integrated Picatinny rail
  • 12G CO2 housing with quick access Fibre optic front sight
  • Rifled steel barrel

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12 Steps Towards The Perfect Spring Air Rifle Shot

12 Steps Towards The Perfect Spring Air Rifle Shot
Taken from Remington and sports marketing packaging.

Spring pistol air rifles the perfect shot 

  1. Spring pistol air rifles take 500–1000 shots to completely break in. Groups may be erratic for the first 100 shots. 
  2. Do not bench-rest on any solid object! Rest your hand on the solid object and place to. Have you ever thought in your hand, for best results by an inexpensive sandbag and filled with sand.
  3. Rest the fore-end of the stock on the sandbag, never the barrel.
  4. Do not pull the trigger if the barrel is in the open position. The barrelSpring pistol air rifles take 500–1Spring pistol air rifles take 500Spring pistol air rifles takeSpring pistolNumber oneNumber one Will fly up, bend and could cause injury. I cracked and all broken stock walker! This will always void the warranty.
  5. Weather in your area I thought is a break but I will order underlever, you should always keep one hand on the cocking lever When cocking and loading.
  6. Hold the air rifle loosely at the form and, at the grip, and in the shoulder. Spring piston are waffles become inaccurate if held tightly.
  7. Changing your shooting position or grip can and will change your point of impact. 
  8. Scopes should be mounted 2.75 inches to 3 inches away from your eye. Always make sure you use a scope that is rated for a waffles.
  9. Squeeze the trigger, don’t joke or put it.
  10. After squeezing the trigger, stay on the target for a couple seconds. Follow-through is very critical! For best results hold position until you see the toilet here.
  11. Remember the chair I thought is an individual has its own characteristics. To achieve the best performance, you should try a selection of pellets to see which pellet your air gun shoots the best.
  12. Your rifle, your pellet, and your scope don’t know where the target is. It is up to you to use proper shooting technique while following the 10 commandments of shooting safety. 

Where to buy it?

Used in this video:

Bisley 0.22 Pellets 500 – – £10

Webley Harrier Pellets 500
Webley Harrier Pellets 500 0.22 – – £12
Webley Harrier Pellets 0.22

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Paper targets – Anglo Arms x 50 – – £4

Metal target holder – Funnel Pellet Trap – – £12

Rifle –… – £240 

Shop –

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Remington Warwawk 0.22 –

Airgun Shooter –

Basc –

.22 Remington Warhawk Air Rifle Review | Unboxing and Testing

Remington Warhawk air rifle review

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Used in this video;

Bisley 0.22 Pellets 500 – – £10

Paper targets – Anglo Arms x 50 – – £4

Metal target holder – Funnel Pellet Trap – – £12

Remington Warhawk Air Rifle – £240 

Official Website –

Email me at –

These lovely new rifles from Remington are great value for money! The Remington War Hawk Air Rifle comes complete with an integrated sound moderator and even includes a 3-9×40 scope and mounts! These are firing up to 12ft/lbs in power so are ideal for pest control or just basic target shooting.

Don’t forget to order your .22 Pellets with this product. Other Accessories are available in the accessories section.

You MUST be 18 or over to purchase this item.

Timestamp – Rifle in action – 07:30

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