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Beginner Bushcraft Gear

Beginner Bushcraft Gear

Just started your Bushcraft Journey? Maybe you are a complete newbie and are getting lost and confused with all the technical terms you are hearing and what gear you actually need to get started when everyone has so many different opinions on what actually is the best beginner bushcraft gear.

Carry on reading and know that I am writing about the very tools I started with and by doing so I can give you a honest opinion and experience of how and why I use these pieces of kit to help me grow as a bushcrafter.

Tools, Gear and Gadgets are all well and good but we must also always remember and focus on learning our fundamental basics and skills, the more skills we learn the less gear we need, but below is some of the essentials we will all need and use on a daily basis.

Best Bushcraft Knife For Beginners

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Best Bushcraft Hatchet / Axe For Beginners


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Bushcraft Folding Saw


Bushcraft Backpack


Bushcraft / Survival Lighter


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Cheap survival lighter

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