Outdoor Influences

TA Outdoors – https://www.taoutdoors.com

Mike Pullen

Joe Robinet

Wooded Beardsman

Jack Raven Bushcraft – https://jackravenbushcraft.co.uk

Melissa Millier – https://melissabackwoods.com

Michigan native Melissa Miller is known for her work within the outdoor, survival, & knife communities. She has appeared in 3 seasons of Discovery Channel’s primitive survival challenge “Naked & Afraid” and she is passionate about nature education. Melissa is partners with Blade MagazineRecoil Magazine & Recoil OffGrid. She works on the road often and shifts between her home state and camping in different parts of the country.

Rewild yourself – 

Daniel vitalis – www.danielvitalis.com

Joe robinet – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCts-8ZqS339n-9nxy3DN8Cg

Clever hiker – http://www.cleverhiker.com/best-backpacking-hammocks/

Wilderness survival – http://www.wilderness-survival.net

Arthur haines – 

My self reliance – https://myselfreliance.com

Abel James – 

Mark Sisson – 

Robb Wolfe –

Big Man In The Woods – https://www.bigmaninthewoods.co.uk

Colin Stuckert – https://content.wildfoods.co