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My names Donny – ( I want a cool animal name, any suggestions? ) , Founder and Owner of Be More Wild.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this page and learn a tiny bit more about who i am, what be more wild is
and how this journey begun…

I decided to leave the 9-5 job and follow my inner calling, I decided to research every book about health and lifestyle, I decided to watch every documentary and find out every alternative medicine and teachings from people and cultures living long, healthy and happy lives.

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Mission

Smile –
Laugh –
Play –
Watch Something Inspirational And Funny Every Day –
Read Inspirational And Positive Stories –
Do One Random Act Of Kindness –
Change One Negative Habit Into A Positive –
Act – Take One Step Towards Your Goals
Exercise – Move, Move, Move
Eat Natural Food – Human Appropriate Foods
Learn Something New – Quick Those Neurones Firing
Hydrate – You Are Mainly Water, Keep It That Way
Love Unconditionally –
Show Gratitude –
Rest –

Our Values

  • Treat People as you wish to be treated
  • Do not Steal, Cheat, Lie or Harm
  • Avoid negative people, situations and toxic relationships
  • Live Passionately
    Respect The Earth And Nature
  • Continue To Seek Knowledge And Personal Growth

During my discovery I found a movement call paleo, Ancestral living and Primal and this opened the door to learning more about our hunter gatherer ancestors and how even during the hardest of times living in a rough world where everything wants to eat or kill you they were healthy, strong and living long without any of our modern healthcare to save us.


From this way of eating I begun learning more about natural movement, exercise, meditation, barefoot walking all the way to people living nomadic lives int heir vans and people who just want to travel and live the outdoors life.


It then all clicked for me, by combining many of these elements I could help not only myself but many others.

I could combine my passions of the outdoors and health, and self development into one whole package, they fitted together perfectly,

Bushcraft and primitive living is something that came long after and is a new skillset and passion I am still learning to this day.

So what is be more wild? Well it is a lifestyle website that covers many subjects but the main core being to reconnect with our wild side.


“ I Love Nature, and Nature in return has shown me love and discipline that i cant find anywhere else.

Donny Utton – Founder Beyond Wild

I don’t mean wild in the animalistic go crazy side but reconnecting with nature, with the way our ancestors used to live. I feel we have hit a huge disconnect in this modern day and age which is crazy when we are more connected then ever to everyone and everything.

With all this amazing technology and advancements in healthcare we still see Obesity, Diabetes, Cancers, Premature deaths, Heart Attacks, Anxiety, Depression, Auto-immune disorders increase more then ever even with billions being poured into research and cure.

Now what if there is a link to how we live today and all these conditions?

Could we learn from our ancestors who had a much tougher time in this world then we ever will?

I think so.

Lets take a trip back in time, not too long ago in the scale of human history but to a time when there was no social media, when our elders were appreciated, and valued, when Honesty, respect and honour was sacred, when exercise was just a daily occurrence and all food was seasonal, local and organic.

It is hard to think of a day or time when we didn’t have to check our facebook news feed, when we could speak to family and friends even if we are in different countries.

Now lets get things straight I am not opposed to technology, in fact I am writing this on my MacBook, updating social media with my iPhone Xs Max and tracking my health with my Apple watch.

Technology can be great when used correctly and in the right amount of time, I mean without technology I wouldn’t be able to write to you today, record videos and help people from all over the globe.

I am not asking everyone to give up technology all together but I am asking people to step away from electrical devices, social media for a little time a week and get outdoors, cook your own food, spend time with your loved ones ( they won’t be here forever ) play with your pets, and just reconnect with our inner being, our true self.

Now don’t just sell your house and live in a hut off grid this very second, take one principle and lesson at a time and incorporate it into your life and watch the difference it will have on you, you will find hundreds of articles, videos, teachings, courses for you to learn and grow from.

Its time even just for a little bit



Founder and Owner of Be More Wild


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